Farney ES students win Name That Book competition

March 5, 2015


Farney Elementary School students celebrate their Name That Book championship on March 3 at the Berry Center. Pictured (back row, L-R) are: Ruth Wiesmann, librarian; Luke Schumacher, Natalie Cornejo and Ryan Vos, students; and Phil Bildner, guest judge and author; and (front row, L-R) Charolette Widmer, fifth-grade teacher; and Evan Woodward, Alex Reilly and Isaac Howard, students.

March 5, 2015—Farney Elementary School won the annual Name That Book contest, held March 3 at the Berry Center.

Coached by Farney librarian Ruth Wiesmann, the team was comprised of fifth-grade students Natalie Cornejo, Isaac Howard, team spokesperson Alex Reilly, Luke Schumacher, Ryan Vos and Evan Woodward.

The competition featured 46 teams throughout the district facing a series of questions giving clues about different books, which were then asked to “Name That Book.” Farney won the competition by correctly naming the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

“I am passionate about the Name That Book program, and to have a team achieve a district championship is a dream come true for me,” Wiesmann said. “This group just clicked; their personalities complemented each other so well.”

The mission of the Name That Book program is to foster lifelong reading by all third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students. The students are provided with a list of books and encouraged to read as many as possible, and the program culminates with a series of contests to celebrate the students’ knowledge of the books.

Roy Garcia, associate superintendent of school administration and leadership development, asked the questions to the teams in the finals. Judges included Diane Garland, district coordinator for library services; Dianne Meyer, retired CFISD librarian; and Phil Bildner, visiting author and former teacher. The timekeeper was Kathy Fisher, retired CFISD librarian.  

“Name That Book is a way of encouraging perseverance and building character in a real-world setting for students who are 9-11 years old. Our charge as librarians is to open the doors of ‘the right book at the right time’ to all readers,” Wiesmann said. “You can’t wish that you would win Name That Book; you have to have the will. My second-grade students are all excited to begin reading for the contest next year. Even my kindergarteners want to learn to be great readers so that they can be on a Name That Book team some day.”


Teams from Gleason, Farney, Tipps and Fiest elementary schools were among the 46 teams throughout the district competing in the Name That Book contest.


Diane Garland, district coordinator for library services, presents the Farney fifth-grade students with the Name That Book championship trophy on March 3 at the Berry Center after they correctly named Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix as the winning book. 

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